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New and Notable News
Shakespeare in the Parking Lot:  Dave joins the crew one more time as Malvoio in “Twelfth Night” Closes July 26.  Thurs/Fri/Sat nights at 8pm. FREE! 
“Dave Marantz’s Malvolio gets some of the biggest laughs of the night. The uptight character’s misguided attempts at wooing were a highlight.”  -by Amanda LaPergola (Theater is Easy)  Read the whole review here.
Audie Award Finalist:  “Rip-Off!”, a collection of 13 stories by 13 authors, narrated by 13 narrators was an Audie Award Finalist in the Original Work category.  Dave narrates “Writer’s Block” by Nancy Kress. 
More Narrating:    “Innovative State” by Aneesh Chopra, “Polity Agent”, “Line of Polity” and “Hilldiggers” by Neal Asher, Short stories by Michael Connelly and Neal Pollack for “Los Angeles Noir” and “I Am Soldier of Fortune” by Robert K. Brown
Home Studio!!:    Now available for home studio recording, Dave has added a 3.5x5 Whisper Room booth.  Audio Sample on the Audio Book page.
    Older but Still Notable News
Audible.com:    In November ’13, Dave completed a 13-week contract narrating for Audible.com.  
The Man Made Rock:    Dave plays hard drinking good ol’ boy Bobby Cartman in Justin Adams’ new play, “The Man Made Rock” at the 4th St. Theatre after participating in a reading of the play at the Lark Center for Play Developement.
Shakespeare in the ParkingLot:  Dave was fitted for a fat suit in order to play Falstaff in Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives of Windsor” for 3 weekends in July 2012.  See pics on the Production Photo page.
The Murdoch Mysteries at Audible.com:  Maureen Jennings wrote a very popular detective series set in Victorian-era Toronto called The Murdoch Mysteries, following Acting Detective William Murdoch through the world of murder mysteries in 1890’s Toronto.  These books were made into 3 movies and a TV series in Canada and am the voice of the entire seven book series on audio books.  How cool is that?!  Available on Audible.com.  Check out my Narrator page at Audible.com/DavidMarantz.
Off Off the Webseries:    We’ve got a new webseries happening, about four middle age guys running an off-off b’way theatre, attempting to keep the dream alive against all odds. Episodes 1-5 are up with more coming. I’m the lead in episode 2. Check it out along with some behind-the-scenes and blooper stuff at the website:  www.offoffwebseries.com.
NOVA Science shoot:  Dave plays Princeton pathologist Dr. Thomas Harvey for a NOVA Science show, re-enacting the autopsy of Albert Einstein, when Harvey made the unilateral decision to preserve Einstein’s brain for scientific Study.  The show, “How Smart Can We Get?” aired in fall of ’12.  See pics on the Production Photo page.
“Raising Stony Mayhall” at Audible.com!:  Released on Oct. 18, 2011!  I recorded “Raising Stony Mayhall” by Daryl Gregory, a fun new twist on the Zombie genre.  Had a great time in the studio. Consistently gets great customer reviews.  Was Audible.com’s “Zombie Genre Book of the Year” in 2011.  Check my News page to see some of the great things listeners are saying.
Escape to Yoga Island:    Played guitar for one of the free yoga classes offered on Aug. 6 on Governors Island!  With Dana Slamp singing and playing Harmonium and Drew Valins on Djembe, we rocked the place while dozens got their yoga on.  Later I took a class taught by Dharma Mittra and then was treated to the grooves of Sistah Shree and her band.
Home of the Great Pecan:  by Stephen Bittrich, produced at the Drilling Company Theatre.  Check out the show website here.  Martin Denton of NYTheatre.com raved about it, referring to David as the “Drilling Company Stalwart” whose performance as Greeley, along with Dan Teachout as Ed “acts as a kind of glue that holds the whole shebang together.”  see the entire review here.http://www.theasy.com/Reviews/2014/T/twelfthnight.phpshapeimage_2_link_0

What they are saying about David Marantz

Twelfth Night by Wm Shakepseare (Shakespeare in the Parking Lot)

Dave Marantz’s Malvolio gets some of the biggest laughs of the night. The uptight character’s misguided attempts at wooing were a highlight. - Amanda LaPergola (Theatre is Easy)

The Cartographer of No Man’s Land: A Novel by P. S. Duffy, narrated by David Marantz for Audible.com
"With warm, precise tones, David Marantz narrates this fascinating story. . . . Subtle characterizations force listeners to pay careful attention to the changing scenes, the horrors of war, and the long discussions about life. Marantz steadily weaves the two plots together in this heartrending story of the war to end all wars." (AudioFile)

Raising Stony Mayhall by Daryl Gregory, narrated by David Marantz

“The narration is the perfect tone, great balance of seriousness and lightness when it is called for. I would read more by the author and listen to more from the narrator.” - audible.com customer review

“He lent true emotion and authenticity to the characters.” - audible.com customer review

Voiceover for Pharmaceutical Co. Interactive Installation: “I just wanted to thank you for a doing a great job!  You’re a true professional and we appreciate that. I’ll let you know how it all goes once the files have been delivered to the pharma company.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.” -Sean Glonek, SRG Studios, NJ

Home of the Great Pecan by Stephen Bittrich (The Drilling Company)

… is the most delightful new comedy I've seen in a long while. …. And through it all, Drilling Company stalwarts Dave Marantz and Dan Teachout, as Greeley and Ed respectively, provide a kind of glue holding the whole shebang together.  nytheatre.com Martin Denton

Atomic Farmgirl by C Denby Swanson (The Drilling Company)

Standout performances come from … David Marantz in a trio of smaller supporting roles. … exemplif[ies] the best of what this entire company has to offer: deeply felt three-dimensional performances full of nuance, subtlety, and heart-wrenching power. nytheatre.com Michael Criscuolo

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (Shakespeare in the Parking Lot)

Other standouts in this fine cast include indie theater veteran David Marantz …. Marantz's Mercutio is a dope-smoking wise-ass, whose take on the Queen Mab speech evokes the scoundrel ramblings of a blowhard refugee from a 1970s Sidney Lumet movie. As always, … excellent. nytheatre.com Michael Criscuolo

Buried Child by Sam Shepard (Nicu’s Spoon)

Bradley (David Marantz in a bravura performance that goes from terrifying to hilarious in a matter of moments), nytheatre.com Anthony Nelson


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After being born on the east coast, my family moved to California while I was still quite young.  I eventually attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, where I wound up in the Theatre, having actually started as a Political Science major.  After earning my BA in Dramatic Art, I moved back to LA where I studied acting with Darryl Hickman in North Hollywood for three years before being accepted into the Mason Gross School of the Arts Professional Actor Training Program at Rutgers in NJ, where I studied Meisner technique with William Esper and Maggie Flanigan.  With MFA in hand, I began my career in New York City, where I am today.

Other interesting facts:  I’m a vegetarian and yoga enthusiast.  I play guitar, ride motorcycles and have taken up surfing again after too many years of thinking it was too impractical to surf while living in New Jersey and New York.  It is impractical, but worth it.